MDJ-1000: Professional Media Player

V-Case: Music Management Software. Available Now

Visual Feel

The MDJ-1000 is designed with a large 4.3-inch full color screen that provides real-time visual feedback of your playing track. In play mode, the screen shows track position on a large full size waveform with full track information including title, time, BPM and Pitch. In addition, the display has visual feedback for Slip mode, Hot Cue points as well as active Loops. When browsing the display will show all your songs data including cover art.

One USB Stick, No Problem

Gemini’s new MDJ-1000 focuses on ease of use; you can now use 1 USB stick to share music between up to 4 players. The new LINK mode enables up to 4 players to be connected over Ethernet. When using 2 you can connect them with a standard Ethernet, when using up to 4 simply connect via a LAN Router. Sharing a music library is just the beginning.

Creativity Unleashed

Connect up to 4 MDJ-1000’s and enable SYNC to match the tempos for even smoother mixing. Freeing up precious time to get creative with 4 Hot Cues, 8 Auto Loops, Slip, and Scratch. Also, thanks to its MIDI capabilities, you can control the parameters of your favorite DJ software right from the unit and route your audio through its 24-bit/192kHz soundcard!

  • USB input for flash drive
  • MIDI capability for use as a software controller
  • Slot-in CD-ROM compatible with Audio CDs, CD-Rs, MP3-CDs
  • Ethernet LINK functionality for library sharing between up to 4 players
  • 4.3” full-color display with large waveform display
  • PC/MAC Audio interface (up to 24-bit/192 kHz)
  • 8” touch-sensitive jog wheel with LCD display and resistance control
  • 4 programmable HOT CUE points for instant track playback points
  • 8 selectable instant Auto Loop sizes plus manual loop
  • 3 selectable jog modes: Search/Pitch Bend/Scratch Effect with SLIP mode and Reverse
  • Stereo RCA outputs and S/PDIF digital audio outputs
  • Plays MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF formats
  • BPM functions including auto (sync), manual (tap), and BPM lock
  • Variable pitch control with six settings: +/- 4%, 8%, 16%, 24%, 50%, 100% and Master Tempo control
  • Start/Stop time jog mode adjustment

13.3″ x 12″ x 4.07″ (337 x 305 x 103.5 mm)
8.6 lbs. (3.9 kg)

Firmware Update

Please download the Gemini Updater software for your operating system.

To update: connect your MDJ-1000 to your computer via USB, enter MIDI mode and open this software to check for updates.

PC: Download Here
MAC: Download Here

Release Notes


Fixed bugs:

  • Added feature to double or halve the BPM value of the current track
  • Added Platter Nudge sensitivity setting
  • Added setting to control auto track analysis
  • Added Continuous Play setting
  • Added setting to swap SYNC and MASTER between shifted and primary functionality
  • Added setting to control Slip mode behavior
  • Added setting to show or hide track info panel in the Browser
  • Added shifted function for platter to quickly scroll through a track
  • Added compatibility for new version of V-Case
  • Improved button debounce performance
  • Improved waveform rendering and sync with audio playback
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


Fixed bugs:

  • Added feature for MDJ-600 to automatically close the CD tray if left open for 60 seconds.
  • Added ability to adjust the beat offset of synced songs without altering the tempo (to fix phrasing issues). Now you can nudge the platter to align beats without changing the pitch.
  • Added the capability of using SHIFT+JOG PLATTER to search through songs quickly. Playback resumes when user releases the SHIFT button.
  • Fixed bug in song counter – no longer counts folders as songs.
  • Improved button performance to help eliminate double triggers.


Fixed bugs:

  • Created new beat sync engine for improved sync between networked players
  • Added option to swap behavior of SEARCH buttons to MASTER/SYNC
  • Added option in settings for continuous play
  • Added more on-screen information when in MIDI mode
  • Added option to turn automatic BPM analysis on or off in settings
  • Added FILE NAME to text mode options
  • Fixed autoloop sizes smaller than ½ beat
  • Optimized the waveform display
  • Optimized hotcue performance
  • Fixed several BPM display issues
  • Reduced lag when scrolling through large libraries
  • Various small fixes and performance adjustments


Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed slow buffering issue when using SEARCH buttons


Fixed bugs:

  • Increased delay time before browser screen switches to playback screen
  • Dramatically increased stability of Slip Mode
  • Adjusted hot cue buffering to improve performance
  • Fixed several issues pertaining to MIDI mode performance
  • Improved scratching performance
  • Improved looping performance
  • Improved performance of search mode
  • Various other fixes and improvements


Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed problem with first iteration of a loop
  • Fixed loop length accuracy problem
  • Fixed effect of /2 and x2 on loop lengths
  • Fixed problems with pause, loops, and scratching in SLIP mode
  • BPM TAP mode now creates a rolling average
  • Improved scrolling behavior
  • Improved networked operation

Added Features:

  • Added ability to double or halve the BPM in settings


Fixed bugs:

  • Faster processing for unsupported files.
  • Accelerated handling of slower media.
  • Fixed issue where scrubbing a track backward in vinyl mode would load the previous track in the library.
  • Fixed problems with looping on CD and slow USB throughput.
  • Fixed an issue with the platter display in MIDI mode.
  • Accelerated screen rendering.
  • Fixed an issue where waveform rendering would get choppy while a track was playing.
  • Improved the master tempo algorithm.
  • Improved MASTER / SLAVE logic.
  • Fixed issue where turning on keylock would cause a glitch in the audio playback.
  • Added indication of BPM SYNC MODE with a blinking BPM value.
  • Improved the filter performance.
  • Fixed a problem with loops less than 14 frames long.
  • Fixed a problem with loop playback in reverse.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing master cue in quick succession caused audio playback to either not play or play glitched audio.
  • Fixed a crash on mp3 files with large pictures in their ID3 tags.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating the library while a song was playing resulted in dropped audio.
  • Accelerated the graphic on the platter display in vinyl mode to better match user’s movements.
  • Fixed a problem with scroll bar on a small number of files.
  • Improved SLIP mode performance.
  • Fixed issue where scrubbing the track while paused resulted in poor waveform rendering.
  • Fixed problem with entering SETTINGS without media inserted.
  • Fixed freezing when user tries to open a single unsupported file in a directory.
  • Fixed bug with loop roll indication while switching between MIDI/CD/USB/LINK sources.
  • Fixed a bug with invalid jpeg covers.
  • Fixed problem with play marker jumping at the end of a file.
  • Fixed issue that would cause a momentary glitch in audio playback if START TIME value was anything other than 0.
  • Fixed issue where beatgrid obscures waveform when zoomed out 100%
  • Fixed a bug with processing bad files.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when processing media.
  • Added correct loop length for auto sync.
  • Fixed LED/LCD/VFD problems when switching in and out of midi mode.
  • Fixed bug with small (1/2) quantized loops.
  • Improved scratching performance at the beginning of the files.
  • Added ability to jog platter in vinyl mode while paused with or without platter touch.
  • Fixed issue where scrubbing paused track caused incorrect rendering of waveform.
  • Fixed bug when un-mounting a linked player.
  • Fixed bug with sound drop-outs when master tempo is on and user navigates to different directories.
  • Improved main CUE functionality.
  • Fixed issue where creating a database cause the player to crash.

Added Features:

  • Pressing SHIFT and VINYL allows user to toggle the QUANTIZE function on or off.
  • User can set the sensitivity of the PLATTER NUDGE in device SETTINGS. In SETTINGS, go to PLATTER NUDGE and select a value of 1-5, where 1 is the default (strongest) nudge, and 5 is the weakest.
  • User can create a searchable database of songs on their storage device that is persistent and allows for searching by alphanumeric strings. Press and hold SHIFT and press the BORWSE / SELECT knob to open the Db dialog prompt. User can search for his string in the filename, artist, album, title, and genre attributes.


  • Initial Release

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