New Jersey Native DJ NYSE is the complete package, bringing energy, experience,personality and skills to the turntables every time he steps into the booth. His love for music has been apart of his life ever since he was 16 years old,growing up to the sounds of his icons such as The Notorious B.I.G. & Jay Z. Being a big fan of the hip hop culture it was only natural for him to be attracted to the greatest and what has been his inspiration throughout his journey as a dj.

Starting out in the battle scene, DJ NYSE quickly developed the skills to stay above the competition, traveling from city to city competing against the best in the business. Nowadays he sets his focus on the club scene where he hopes to one day be able to fill clubs,arenas and even stadiums with thousands of his fans.

DJ NYSE has traveled around the country showcasing his talent, major cities such as New York and Miami while also reaching out to the international market in Puerto Rico and St Martin.Over time DJ NYSE will surely become one of the top djs in the industry hitting all the major markets domestically and internationally.

His wide range of musical knowledge is one element that sets him apart from others, along with his high energy, bright personality and dedicated mind set, it seems as though only he can stop himself. But dont count on it!

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