DJ Chopps


Chopps has spun clubs in major cities such as NYC, NJ, Miami, Chicago, DC, LA, Boston, Rhode Island, Nebraska and has had the chance to travel internationally to France, Singapore, Costa Rica, Mexico & the Caribbean (Jamaica) to perform in front of crowds of all sizes. His talents have given him opportunities of a lifetime to say the least. Major clothing brands such as Armani Exchange and Marc Ecko took notice to his skills and both took him on as a musical representative of their fashion lines. Also, the largest spring break company in the United States,, took on DJ CHOPPS as their resident on site spring break dj where he will be traveling with over 50,000 spring breakers providing them with amazing music during their weeks of fun.

DJ CHOPPS is climbing the ladder in the dj industry and is on route to become a household name in the business. In today’s competitive dj market it is those who skills on the turntables that sets one apart from the next. DJ CHOPPS, not only with his good looks and fashion style, but with his deep knowledge of music and creative mixes is for sure going to be a DJ you will remember and demand to come spin at your venue.

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